Our professional resume writers share their resume advice.

Recently, our expert resume writers weighed in on some of the most common resume mistakes they see clients make. Now, they're back to share some more cautionary tales. Read on to learn about some of the most common blunders our writers encounter, and you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Many of my clients clump all of their accomplishments together. Or I find that many don't know what their accomplishments are and I have to pull it out of them.

—Soozy M., TopResume writer

The two most common resume mistakes I notice are task-oriented resumes - where the client focuses too much on their duties, and not enough on their results - and the presence of silly typos that detract from their qualifications.

—Robert M., TopResume writer

Most people do not identify the job they wish to go after. You've got to ask for what you want. People list things like “team player,” “enthusiastic,” “hard working” or “works well with others,” etc. But they don't write out what they've actually done. My job is to ask the questions and get the answers that will completely change the look and focus of their resume.

—Marcia H., TopResume writer

The most common resume mistakes I see are too much information jammed into the document and bad resume formatting. I come from the school of thought that sometimes we can say things better with less. Too much information is not always the best way to showcase yourself. I like to think of a professional resume as a sales pitch.

—Brian H., TopResume writer

Most people list job duties rather than achievements and often try to detail every job and bit of knowledge they possess. This does not leave questions for the potential employer, thus there is no reason for the employer to request an interview. A resume needs to say enough to peak a potential employer's interest, but not too much.

Cheryl S., TopResume writer

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