Are you thinking about getting guidance on your career through career counseling?

Career counseling can help shed a light on what type of career is best for you, how you work best and much more. It's a great start to any job search strategy, but there are a few different options to consider before getting started. We're exploring the differences between self-directed career planning and traditional career counseling.

Self-Directed Career Planning

The self-directed part of career planning is exactly what it sounds like: driving the career planning on your own, without help from outside sources like a traditional career counselor. This type of career planning may utilize career assessments like career interest, values, skills and personality tests. You can locate and take many of these online on your own, and most are easy to take and understand the results. The results can help you discover on your own appropriate career decisions.

This option can be cost-effective, as you don't have to pay for a career counselor. Uncovering information about yourself and utilizing it to make career decisions can be empowering for many as well.

Traditional Career Counseling Model

Traditional career counseling utilizes the expertise of a career counselor. The emphasis in this type of career planning is on a one-on-one counseling relationship with the career counselor. Like self-directed career planning, career assessments are typically used, but in these instances, the professional administers and interprets the results. After individual sessions, using the information from career assessments, career counselors work with you to help make career and job search decisions. They can help guide a job search, determine what type of position interests you and much more.

A traditional career counseling model may take more time, as you must meet with the career counselor, and they typically charge an hourly or flat fee.

No matter what type of career counseling you decide on, a well-written resume is key.

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