Some things are better left to the pros.

There are lots of things you wouldn't (or shouldn't) do on your own. Would you fly your own plane? No, better off leaving it to a trained pilot. Do your own taxes? No, not much point in that with the wealth of affordable tax software and abundance of accountants out there. How about taking a crack at operating on yourself or a loved one? You get the point: There are a lot of situations where a trusted professional can get the job done and where mistakes can be fatal. Writing a resume is no exception.

When it comes to writing your own resume, there's an unlimited number of things that can go wrong, and the cost of those mistakes can be a missed opportunity to secure your dream job — or at least your next job.

Here are a few common mistakes that a professional resume writer can help you avoid, aka the reasons you shouldn't DIY when it comes to your resume.

Formatting errors

A staggering 75 percent of resumes will never be seen by human eyes thanks to the automated applicant tracking systems that have become common among larger employers in the last decade. Formatting a resume so it can be read easily by these scanning bots is a science, and it's something our professional resume writers are well versed in. Their expertise can ensure that you don't lose out in this critical step of the application process.

Incorrect data

Contrary to popular belief, a resume should not contain your entire life — or even work — history. Resumes that focus on day-to-day responsibilities and role-related tasks are sure to end up in a trash folder. Employers care about accomplishments — especially accomplishments that can be quantified. Your resume should highlight the types of results that set you apart from the average applicant and will serve as examples of what you can do in your next role.


A recent study found that 78 percent of resumes reviewed by hiring managers include some form of typos or grammar mistakes. Imagine the red flags a typo sends to an employer! If you make mistakes in your resume, what will you do with client contracts or pitch presentations? Whether you were in a rush or aren't comfortable writing, these mistakes always seem to crop up. Hiring a professional resume writer to write and edit your resume will give you a professional polish and put you one step ahead of the majority of resumes a hiring manager will look at on a given day.

Doing it yourself might be great when it comes to wedding decorations or small home improvements, but searching for your next career move is not a time to leave it to chance. Purchasing a professional resume rewrite today will cost as low as $149, a small price to pay to ensure that you'll be well-positioned to make it past the ATS and impress hiring managers within days.

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