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Aviation & Aerospace Resume Example, Tips & Tricks

Ready to take the next step in your Aerospace, Aviation, or Defense career? Up to this point, you have gaining expertise and overcoming challenges rather than keeping track of ever-evolving hiring practices or the latest resume writing strategies. Whether a Pilot, A&P Mechanic, Program Manager, or Defense Contractor, you've focused on becoming an expert in your field — not an expert in resume writing.

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That’s perfectly understandable! But now that you’re embarking on a job search, it’s important to have a resume and cover letter that meet the industry standards and help you stand out from your competition so you can land more interviews. Leveraging the industry's latest keywords and phrases is essential, and to truly stand out from the competition you need a customized, highly effective personal marketing tool that highlights your ability to ensure operations comply with stated objectives while supporting the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies.

You can see how this method is implemented for yourself in the aviation resume sample below:

Why Does this Aviation Resume Sample Work?

The aviation resume sample works because:

  • The contact information stands out and is easy to find.

    Your name, address, phone and email address are some of the most important pieces of information on your resume - after all, it's how the hiring manager will reach you to schedule an interview. Make sure this set of information is at the forefront, clear, concise and easy to find. Consider using active links to your LinkedIn profile and any other web-based portfolios, as well.

  • It does NOT use an old standard – the objective statement.

    Instead of a generic objective statement, this aviation resume sample makes the candidate’s summary front and center. It

    simplifies the summary

    with three bullet points describing the candidate’s key areas, then goes into more details below.

  • Specific skills are quickly showcased.

    Few people list their related skills at the top, or at all. The skills area can provide searchable key industry words for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and search engines and yet only one or two resumes show skills or include a skills area that lists specific skills for the position. Learn more about the

    top skills employers look for in candidates


  • Your eye is drawn to the most important information.

    Even if your information is in bullet format, it may still be difficult to quickly identify the pertinent skills and accomplishments that are important to the potential employer. If a bullet contains keywords and examples that directly align with the possible opportunity, then draw attention to this detail.

Summary & Last words

It’s critical that your resume convey your hands-on, results-focused approach to solving problems and meeting rigorous safety and operational standards. TopResume’s experienced resume writers as here to help make this possible. We guarantee you’ll get 2x more job interviews within 60 days or we’ll rewrite your resume for free.

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