Investment Banking Resume Example, Tips & Tricks

If you are a job seeker in the finance industry, we have good news: the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that financial occupations are expected to grow about 8 percent between now and 2024. That means about 632,000 finance careers are expected to be added to the job market.

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Yes, this is fantastic news if you are applying to jobs in the financial industry. But are you prepared for the hiring process? Is your resume up to par with today's finance resume best practices? The easiest way to find out is to view sample resumes that align with your desired career field.

As you view this sample resume, keep in mind the best practices for investment banking resumes such as proper formatting and language. You need to make sure you have a strong, up-to-date resume that glides through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and lands you an interview. For that, TopResume is here to help.

What makes a Successful Finance Resume Sample?

The above investment banking resume works because:

  • It's concise. Think about how many resumes hiring managers skim through on a daily basis. If important information is difficult to find, why would they choose your resume? Make sure they see your information right away by utilizing phrasing on your resume and putting each phrase into bullet points.

  • It uses quantitative information. Not only are numbers concise and easy to digest, the human mind naturally responds better to numbers compared to words. Rather than using words to describe your achievements, use numbers and symbols when creating a resume.

  • It uses clear section headings. When deciding how to format a finance resume, remember that the headings must be definitive and stand out from the other text in the document. Don't be afraid to use a shaded box, bold text, and white-space around each heading.

  • It has enough white space. Speaking of white space, each page of the resume should have a sufficient amount around all four sides of the document. Also be sure not to push the margins to the edge. If and when a person prints the document, you want to make sure there are no technical challenges.

If your investment banking resume doesn't follow the basic best practices above, it's time to make some changes. TopResume offers three levels of resume writing services with all of the components you need to make your finance resume the best it can be. We guarantee you'll get 2x more job interviews within 60 days or we'll rewrite your resume for free.

Your resume is the tool that can make or break your job search. Use our resume writing service today!

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