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What to expect from your resume review

We review your resume comprehensively so you get all the information you need. Feedback topics include:

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Style & organization

  • Is your resume neat and clearly organized?

  • Does your resume format effectively show the impact of your achievements?

  • Have you included a professional summary to introduce yourself as a candidate?

Resume Questions

Writing & mechanics

  • Does your resume's language position you as a professional who will add value to an organization?

  • Is the writing clear, easy to understand, and free of mistakes?

  • Do you have consistent grammatical tense, tone, and punctuations?

Resume Comments

ATS analysis

  • Will the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) be able to read your resume?

  • How does the ATS interpret your experience, skills, and the industries you have expertise in?

  • Will an ATS mark you as a best fit for the jobs you're targeting?

What does the ATS see?

75% of job applications are rejected before they are seen by human eyes.

Before your resume reaches the hands of a hiring manager, it often must satisfy an ATS — applicant tracking system. An ATS is a type of software used by recruiters and employers to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications they receive for open positions. If a resume is not written with an ATS in mind, a qualified candidate can be easily passed over.

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ATS scan - Top Keyword skills cashiering, casher, customer service, retails sales
Where the ATS think you fit graph with 22% retails, 14% engineering

Hear from our customers

"I uploaded my resume by mistake and when I received personal feedback from a human (Katie) I was shocked and surprised. The feedback and advice that she gave me were immediately recognized as the reason that I had not been getting callbacks. I had been sending the same resume out for 6 months with nothing to show for it. My personal esteem and confidence were being knocked down pretty hard so it was a gift to finally get some evidence that I could use to better my resume, level up the content and feel more confident in sending out my resume and cover letter."

— Jennifer Tausch

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