It's easy, quick, and painless — trust us.

Whether time is money, time is gold, or time is being able to sleep, time is important to everyone — not just horologists. So when you have to review and update your resume, it might be easy to put off the task because “it's a waste of time.” But what if we told you that uploading your resume for a free review doesn't take that much time at all — and will help increase your chances of landing your next job? Submitting your resume for a review could mean the difference between ending up at the bottom of the application pile or in the resume black hole and getting you in the door. A resume critique can also tell you how to make improvements, whether it's by yourself or with the help of a professional.  

So what are you waiting for? Uploading your resume for a review is as fast as …

1.) peeling a banana

2.) starting your car

3.) reviewing your Amazon purchase and clicking OK

4.) Googling yourself

5.) pouring milk into your cereal

6.) washing your hands

7.) lighting a candle

8.) clicking on an article to read

9.) turning on your phone

10.) pouring yourself a glass of wine

11.)  brewing coffee in the morning

12.) packing up your bag for work

13.) taking a picture with your friends

14.) and reading this whole article.

Still think upgrading your resume is a “waste of time?” Submit your resume for a free, expert review or work with a professional from TopResume today!

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