How will a funny job title affect your job search?

Over the last few years, there's been an upsurge in creative job titles. There's “Auntie,” “Director of First Impressions,” “Innovation Alchemist,” and “Chief Chatterbox,” to name a few. But when it comes to moving on to a new position, do these trending job titles help or hinder you? Read on to find out when to use a creative job title and examples for different departments and positions. 

What are creative job titles?

Creative job titles describe a role in a fun and innovative way. They are different from traditional job titles because they add a touch of colour and personality to positions. 

Many companies use creative job titles to evoke their brand values and character in their organisations. As a result, creative job titles can create a very human and empathetic company culture

That said, creativity must have boundaries. A funny job title should remain meaningful and accurately represent the responsibilities and scope of the position.

Why are creative job titles used?

There are a few reasons why companies choose to use creative job titles in their organisation. For starters, these titles help employers pique the interest of potential hires by expressing the company's:

  • Culture: Creative titles reflect the organisation's personality and can convey a non-traditional approach to business. This may resonate with not just employees, but also customers.

  • Brand identity: Non-traditional job titles strengthen a company's brand identity and differentiate it from its competitors. Additionally, quirky job titles break the status quo and stand out from traditional titles, adding colour to the company's employer brand and making it more attractive to job hunters seeking a vibrant working environment.

  • Creativity and innovation: Creative job titles let companies express their innovative nature. The unconventional titles also permit employees and incoming talent to harness their creativity, creating a sense of ownership, empowerment, and pride in their jobs. 

Should I use a creative job title while searching for a job?

Creative job titles are useful for companies hiring, acting as an initial point of differentiation and contributing to brand identity. But what does it offer once an employee is saddled with a quirky job title?

If you're applying for internal jobs, your creative job title will likely not do any harm – the role and the job title will already be known. Externally, however, there's likely confusion about your current role and whether you have the right experience at the right level.

Should I use a creative job title on my CV?

If you have a standard job title, it's best to use that on your CV. Don't be tempted to change it to something wild and wacky. 

The responsibilities and skills associated with your current job title are widely understood. If you're applying for similar roles, it will be immediately apparent to the reader that you have relevant experience and skills.

If you have a creative job title, you risk alienating recruiters who don't understand precisely what you do. You could even be overlooked by applicant tracking systems, which look for candidates with particular keywords in their job titles. 

At TopCV, we advise using your official job title and including a more generic “translation” of this in brackets (see our list of examples in the next section).

Should I use a creative job title on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a similar playground to a CV when using creative job titles. While they might be just about passable in your LinkedIn headline, they aren't in your employment history.

Many people use creative LinkedIn headlines to showcase their personality, but this can do more harm than good when actively looking for a job. You're less likely to appear in recruiters' searches as no one has time to search for variations of unconventional job titles. Plus, as we mentioned before, it doesn't accurately represent your position, skill set, or experience level, so recruiters may ignore your profile even if they find it.

Stick to your given job title if it's traditional. If you have a creative job title, translate it to the conventional version in your headline, and in your experience, list the official job title with the translation in brackets.

What can I do if I don't want a creative job title?

If you recently got a job with a creative title but want a more traditional one, try negotiating for a more descriptive and accurate one. After all, you should be proud of what you do, not be embarrassed.

The best way to persuade your boss to amend your job title is with preparation. First, research appropriate job titles that reflect your level and the nature of your role. For example, if you have been hired at a manager level, look for roles with “manager” in the title.

Then, pull together a list of reasons why a job title change would benefit you and the business. Some examples include:

  • Clarity of responsibilities: Changing your job title to something more traditional can provide clarity internally to employees and externally to customers, clients, and partners, leading to better communication and understanding.

  • External perception: A job title can shape how you are perceived by customers, clients, and partners. A more fitting job title might enhance reputation and credibility, which is beneficial for building relationships and business opportunities.

  • Improved hierarchical structure: A more explicit job title can help streamline internal hierarchies and clarify reporting lines, especially in a functional organisational structure.

  • Personal motivation: You want to feel valued and recognised in your role. A job title change that accurately reflects your contributions and accomplishments will only boost morale and motivation.

Creative job titles: by department and position

Whether you're looking for a way to better “explain” your creative job title to external audiences or negotiating for a more traditional title with your manager, it's handy to have a list of equivalent and more familiar job titles that you can use in lieu – or beside – your creative job title.

Additionally, you can use these titles as key words in your job search especially if you're aiming for companies known to be more open to using non-standard job titles.

Here are examples of creative and alternative job titles split by department and position:

Creative job titles for marketing

  • Brand Whisperer (Brand Manager)

  • Digital Dynamo (Digital Marketing Specialist)

  • Content Connoisseur (Content Marketing Manager)

  • Social Media Sorcerer (Social Media Manager)

  • Growth Hacker (Marketing Analyst)

  • Conversion Alchemist (Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist)

  • Storytelling Maven (Content Creator)

  • SEO Samurai (SEO Specialist)

  • Data Detective (Marketing Analyst)

  • Experience Architect (User Experience or UX Designer)

  • Analytics Ninja (Data Analyst)

  • Customer Journey Juggler (Customer Journey Specialist)

  • Trend Tracker (Market Research Analyst)

  • Marketing Maverick (Marketing Manager)

  • Buzz Builder (PR & Communications Manager)

Creative job titles for designers

  • Design Guru (Senior Designer)

  • Visual Virtuoso (Graphic Designer)

  • Creative Conductor (Art Director)

  • User Experience Maestro (UX Designer)

  • Brand Identity Architect (Brand Designer)

  • Digital Dreamweaver (Web Designer)

  • Typography Tycoon (Typography Specialist)

  • Motion Master (Motion Graphics Designer)

  • Pixel Picasso (Digital Artist)

  • UI Wizard (UI Designer)

  • Animation Architect (Animation Designer)

  • Multimedia Maestro (Multimedia Designer)

Creative job titles for sales

  • Revenue Rockstar (Sales Representative)

  • Client Whisperer (Account Executive)

  • Deal Dynamo (Sales Manager)

  • Relationship Maestro (Customer Relationship Manager)

  • Prospecting Prodigy (Business Development Representative)

  • Solution Sherpa (Sales Solutions Specialist)

  • Growth Hacker (Sales Analyst)

  • Lead Generation Ninja (Lead Generation Specialist)

  • Customer Success Hero (Customer Success Manager)

  • Account Growth Guru (Account Manager)

  • Partnership Pioneer (Partnership Manager)

  • Sales Enablement Specialist (Sales Trainer)

  • Negotiation Ninja (Negotiation Specialist)

Creative job titles for operations

  • Efficiency Evangelist (Operations Manager)

  • Process Prodigy (Process Improvement Specialist)

  • Logistics Luminary (Logistics Coordinator)

  • Supply Chain Sorcerer (Supply Chain Manager)

  • Workflow Wizard (Workflow Coordinator)

  • Inventory Innovator (Inventory Control Specialist)

  • Operations Oracle (Operations Analyst)

  • Efficiency Engineer (Operations Engineer)

  • Logistics Maestro (Logistics Manager)

  • Resource Wrangler (Resource Manager)

  • Systems Savant (Systems Analyst)

  • Process Pioneer (Process Engineer)

Creative job titles for customer service

  • Customer Experience Champion (Customer Service Representative)

  • Resolution Wizard (Complaints Handler)

  • Satisfaction Specialist (Customer Satisfaction Representative)

  • Support Superhero (Customer Support Agent)

  • Happiness Ambassador (Customer Happiness Officer)

  • Delight Dispatcher (Customer Experience Coordinator)

  • Communication Maestro (Customer Communications Specialist)

  • Resolution Ninja (Complaints Resolution Specialist)

  • Problem-Solving Prodigy (Customer Service Associate)

  • Resolution Rockstar (Customer Support Expert)

Creative job titles for HR

  • Talent Whisperer (HR Manager)

  • Culture Cultivator (Culture Coordinator)

  • People Operations Ninja (HR Operations Specialist)

  • Recruitment Rockstar (Recruitment Specialist)

  • Engagement Evangelist (Employee Engagement Manager)

  • Learning & Development Dynamo (Learning & Development Coordinator)

  • Diversity & Inclusion Advocate (Diversity & Inclusion Specialist)

  • Wellness Warrior (Wellness Coordinator)

  • Talent Experience Architect (HR Experience Designer)

  • Employee Relations Maestro (Employee Relations Manager)

  • Career Growth Guide (Career Development Specialist)

  • HR Compliance Conductor (HR Compliance Specialist)

Creative job titles for IT

  • Tech Pioneer (IT Manager)

  • Digital Architect (Digital Solutions Specialist)

  • Code Craftsman (Software Developer)

  • Data Detective (Data Analyst)

  • Network Navigator (Network Administrator)

  • Cybersecurity Guardian (Cybersecurity Analyst)

  • Cloud Maestro (Cloud Solutions Architect)

  • Automation Ace (Automation Engineer)

  • Blockchain Builder (Blockchain Developer)

  • AI Innovator (Artificial Intelligence Specialist)

  • DevOps Dynamo (DevOps Engineer)

  • Data Science Maverick (Data Scientist)

Creative job titles for software developers

  • Software Sorcerer (Software Engineer)

  • Programming Prodigy (Junior Developer)

  • Development Dynamo (Development Engineer)

  • Code Craftsperson (Coder)

  • Coding Connoisseur (Coding Specialist)

  • Development Guru (Development Manager)

  • Software Wizard (Code Engineer)

  • Robotics Wrangler (Robotics Engineer)

  • Cybersecurity Sentinel (Cybersecurity Developer)

  • Blockchain Trailblazer (Blockchain Developer)

  • Automation Alchemist (Automation Engineer)

  • Database Dynamo (Database Developer)

Creative job titles for administrative assistants

  • Office Orchestrator (Administrative Assistant)

  • Executive Concierge (Executive Assistant)

  • Administrative Artisan (Administrative Specialist)

  • Task Tactician (Administrative Coordinator)

  • Administrative Architect (Administrative Manager)

  • Administrative Ambassador (Administrative Coordinator)

  • Task Titan (Administrative Coordinator)

  • Office Prodigy (Administrative Assistant)

  • Administrative Virtuoso (Administrative Specialist)

Creative job titles for accounting and finance

  • Financial Wizard (Financial Analyst)

  • Money Maestro (Accountant)

  • Finance Guru (Finance Manager)

  • Audit Alchemist (Auditor)

  • Cash Flow Conductor (Cash Flow Manager)

  • Payroll Prodigy (Payroll Specialist)

  • Revenue Rockstar (Revenue Analyst)

  • Cost Control Ninja (Cost Accountant)

  • Treasury Trailblazer (Treasury Manager)

  • Compliance Champion (Compliance Officer)

  • Risk Management Maven (Risk Manager)

  • Accounting Artisan (Accounting Clerk)

  • Financial Forecaster (Financial Planner)

  • Profitability Prophet (Profit Analyst)

  • Capital Captain (Capital Markets Analyst)

  • Bookkeeping Virtuoso (Bookkeeper)

  • Financial Planning Maestro (Financial Planner)

Creative job titles for executives and C-suite

  • Visionary Vanguard (CEO)

  • Strategy Maven (Chief Strategy Officer)

  • Innovation Trailblazer (Chief Innovation Officer)

  • Growth Guru (Chief Growth Officer)

  • Experience Architect (Chief Experience Officer)

  • Transformation Maestro (Chief Transformation Officer)

  • Brand Evangelist (Chief Marketing Officer)

  • Financial Oracle (Chief Financial Officer)

  • People Champion (Chief People Officer)

  • Technology Virtuoso (Chief Technology Officer)

  • Operations Navigator (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Sustainability Steward (Chief Sustainability Officer)

  • Risk Management Sentinel (Chief Risk Officer)

  • Customer Success Champion (Chief Customer Officer)

  • Diversity & Inclusion Advocate (Chief Diversity Officer)

  • Legal Luminary (Chief Legal Officer)

  • Data Whisperer (Chief Data Officer)

  • Communication Conductor (Chief Communications Officer)

  • Talent Magnet (Chief Talent Officer)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Crusader (Chief CSR Officer)

Take mindful, creative strides

Do creative job titles help you stand out? The answer is yes, but possibly for the wrong reasons. The pool of employers and recruiters searching for prospective candidates with whacky job titles is small. 

Suppose you have a creative job title in an innovative workplace, and your next role looks like an identical opportunity. In that case, including a creative job title on your CV and LinkedIn might work. But for the masses, stick to traditional job titles where possible and increase your chances of job search success.

Is your creative job title hindering your job search? A free, expert CV review will tell you where you stand.

This article was originally written by Jen David and has been updated by Laura Slingo.

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